DJ Tomekk: I live for hip hop

I'm sitting on the sofa in the morning during the school vacations. I don't turn the music on loud so as not to wake anyone up. And then DJ Tomekk starts. The sound outshines the speakers by a lot and the stage sets up without any problems. I love the soundboard prototype for that.


DJ Tomekk is the guy who came to Germany from a poor Polish background and released his first record at the age of 15. It was more by chance that he met Kurtis Blow (a veteran of hip hop) at KISS FM, with whom he toured the USA in the 90s and met all the greats of hip hop. DJ Tomekk's life continued with drugs and alcohol, failures and successes, jungle camp and Hitler salutes until he pulled himself out of this swamp. The video tells you a bit about it. He comes across as very likeable.

Instead of wondering about some of the comments in the interview below, I'd rather listen to "I live for hip hop" again. Stadium sound, the warm DJ Tomekk sound, cool raps. Music that moved Germany.


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