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Perfect sound

Listen to a binaural recording of nine pieces of music through your headphones. This is not a real test, but it's better than nothing for now.

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Music and party

Let it rip and enjoy even the quiet moments with the most balanced sound

TV and home cinema

No more bad TV sound or barely better soundbars. Here comes your real cinema experience


An abysmal bass makes your walls tremble. A game cannot be more realistic.

Perfect design

Take a look at the impressions. There are different models for your individual wishes


This is how it works


Simply connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth and stream your music.

Active loudspeakers

The soundboard has its own power amplifier. So you don't need any more amplifiers. This saves you having to buy an AV receiver, for example.

Optical & Analogue

With the SPDIF, TOSLINK or CINCH cable, the TV or CD player can be connected directly to the soundboard.

Digital Signal Processing

The signals are processed in such a way that the soundboard can be placed directly against the wall and unfold its outstanding sound there.


We don't build 2:1, 3:1, 5:1, or more advanced spatial simulation technology, but focus on outstanding stereo sound in top design. Better than mini Bluetooth boxes, better than TV sound and better and much nicer than classic soundbars. And that without visible technology

The system is a 3-way system with tweeters and mid-range speakers that radiate forwards and are slightly tilted upwards and bass speakers that radiate downwards. Naturally with cover to protect against pets and hoovers.

All cables disappear

A box at the back provides space for the power supply unit and a power strip

Your advantages

Why you should choose us:

  • Absolute Top Sound
  • Best design
  • No visible technology - No cable tangle
  • Life Sound - Lasts a lifetime
  • Sustainability through longevity
  • Furniture and loudspeaker in one
  • Active loudspeaker - No additional amplifier necessary
  • Easy setup
  • Built for usage directly on the wall
  • No data collection as with other providers
  • Because you will love it

Do you want to try?

Send us your contact details and we'll see what we can do. Since we are still small, we try to organise test hearings where there are many interested people.

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