Sound furniture

Top sound and top design
for audiophiles

Top design

Fits in your living room

Perfect sound

Listen to a binaural recording of nine pieces of music. This is not a real test listening, but for now it's better than nothing

Please listen with headphones!

Our mission

"We build high-quality sound furniture for audiophile design lovers - for the love of sound"

Wolfgang Zimmermann

Ever smaller Bluetooth speakers are pushing good sound out of our living rooms. Large visible technology is something for technology freaks - it lacks the homely aspect.

Our answer is a piece of sound furniture with audiophile sound. It makes the technology disappear, keeps the cables tidy and can accompany you for the rest of your life. In addition to sustainable materials, a long service life means maximum sustainability for you. 

Wi-Fi settings, constant updates or additional apps are more likely to waste time than improve sound enjoyment or convenience. In the form of a "reduced to the max" approach, we consciously do without and focus on simplicity, design and high-quality sound.

Get the sound of your life - you'll love it

Your advantages

What you get

You get a complete hi-fi system that meets practically all the demands of modern music listening and high-impact home theater.

Top sound

Audiophile hi-fi sound at its best. A sound experience very close to the original

Desired design

We discuss the design with you and produce exclusively for you

Active box

The amplifier is inside. So you don't need any other devices

Compartment for cables

Your cables are hidden in a compartment at the back. This creates order

Wall installation

Built and measured for installation on the wall. No hassle with the correct position

No SW updates

Robust technology that doesn't require annoying software updates

All connections

Bluetooth for streaming and two optical TOSLINK and one analog CINCH connection

Sound customizable

You can adjust the treble, mids and bass to suit your taste

Ready for anything

Enjoy music, TV & movies, parties, gaming & sports. Everything is possible.


Order your individual soundbar in a top design now. Choose between different variants.

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