Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

Music for the box test - Why Maggot Brain is so suitable ....
Funkadelic Maggot Brain

In 1971, George Clinton - who founded his first band Parliament in the back room of a hairdressing salon in 1955 and was the mastermind behind Funkadelic - allegedly asked guitarist Eddie Hazel during an LSD trip if he could play the first half of the song as if his mother had just died. The song begins with a voice recording and stereo effects, which show that hi-fi was still fun at the time and challenged the musicians. The guitar solo on this mammoth song, which lasts over 10 minutes, is simply magnificent and it is fair to say that this song had an influence on music history.

Due to the high dynamics, the clarity of the guitar playing, the spatial effects and because listening is so much fun, Maggot Brain is ideal for testing the quality of the speakers. The Beauty of Sound soundbar handles the piece with ease and plays it wonderfully airy.

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