Sarasvati - Sound furniture

Audiophile sound for music, TV, sports or gaming. Get the sound of your life and enjoy the finest stereo sound without visible technology and in a top design. Stream via Bluetooth or connect to your TV via Cynch or optical cable.

Sarasvati - Sound furniture

CHF 4'990.00 - CHF 5'540.00

Note: The products are manufactured after receipt of payment. The delivery time is approx. 12 weeks.

Additional information

Weight50 kg
Size50 × 20 cm

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50 cm


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MDF - lacquered or veneered

Speaker type

active, stereo

Wireless transmission



Cinch (analog), S/PDIF, power connection 10-18V, Toslink (optical)

Frequency range


Sound adjustments

Bass + 2db, treble + 2db, mids + 2db

Power supply

Power supply 110-220V /50/60 Hz - 18V, 4A

Recorded power

Max. 150W


2 years


Wooden feet, steel runners

The soundboard has a stylish design and first-class sound that will accompany you throughout your life.

The upward-radiating tweeter and midrange speaker perfectly showcase the sound of your music, movies or gaming sounds when you're sitting in the "sweet spot" on the sofa in front of it. The bass radiating downwards leaves nothing to be desired in terms of depth and sound pressure. Simply connect your TV via optical TOSLINK cable or CINCH cable. You can take command and stream music from your cell phone via Bluetooth. You can leave the treble, bass and mid-range neutral or boost them slightly to suit your taste. (+2db for freaks)

The smart audio furniture is made from sustainably produced wood. However, true sustainability only comes with the length of use. Small Bluetooth devices or classic soundbars are often only designed for shorter periods of use. We want you to use the soundboard for as long as possible. That is why it is built so robustly and does not use fast-moving technologies. That's why you don't need regular software updates.

As an active speaker, additional electronics, such as an external amplifier, are largely unnecessary. That saves money.

There is a compartment at the back of the smart sound furniture where you can store the cables and power supply unit. Everything looks neat and tidy. The chassis are covered with fabric at the front and the basses at the bottom have a metal grille cover to protect them from pets or vacuum cleaners.

The soundboard is available in three widths. 150cm, 175cm and 200cm. You decide which one fits best on your wall.

The name of the soundboard "Sarasvati" goes back to the Indian goddess of wisdom, scholarship and the arts. She is said to have a pure and beautiful voice. Musical instruments - and in this sense also our soundboard - are often regarded as manifestations of Sarasvati in India. 

The soundboard is a mixture of sideboard and soundbar. A new type of audio furniture or TV furniture that eliminates the need for additional electronics thanks to the amplifier built into the active speakers. The soundbar and your cell phone are all you need to enjoy your music. The future of music listening looks beautiful.