Price list

Basic model: 

White lacquered body with wooden inlay made of veneered walnut and metal feet made of brushed steel, active 3-way stereo loudspeaker.

CHF 4990,- incl. VAT

Width either 150cm or 200cm

Basic model - white, walnut, steel feet
Wood veneer: 

Veneered body and inlay veneered or lacquered:

 + CHF 500,- incl. VAT

Wood types: Walnut, oak, birch, beech

Walnut anthracite aluminum feet
Wooden feet: 

Wooden feet instead of steel runners. 

Basic model + CHF 50,- incl. VAT

Wood types: Walnut, oak, birch, beech

Other paintwork: 

Other paintwork on the body and inlay. 

Basic model + CHF 250,- incl. VAT

Our The Beauty of Sound colors:

Petrol - Indigo Dye

Yellow - Yellow Submarine

Red Rose Madder


Green - Hunter Green

Purple - Purple Rain

Light petrol - Blue Munsell

Dark gray

Light gray

White (no additional costs)

Lacquered model - Petrol