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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the questions we have often heard.

We believe that many people are overwhelmed with the multitude of features of modern soundbars and only want to have little visible technology in the living room. WLAN settings, constant updates or additional apps are more time-consuming than they significantly improve the sound enjoyment or convenience, and huge speakers and many hi-fi components are something for technology freaks. In the form of a "Reduced to the Max" approach we break with this trend and focus on simplicity with high-end sound.

For all those who do not want to do without good sound (and quite honestly, many of the small streaming boxes have bass, but no balanced sound) and want top design, ease of use, a minimalist principle and sustainability through durability. Through Bluetooth, CINCH and TOSLINK, you still do not have to do without anything essential.

The setup follows a 3-way speaker system. The soundbar has a coaxial speaker for mids and trebles and a bass speaker for the necessary punch at the bottom. The coaxial speaker is installed slightly tilted upwards so that the sound can reach the ear exactly. In order for the placement directly on the wall to be successful, the sound was optimized for this placement using digital sound processing. With Bluetooth, a CINCH and a SPDIF/TOSLINK connection, record players, smartphones or a TV can be connected.

Since the soundbar is also a sideboard, it fits perfectly as a piece of furniture in the living room, bedroom or study. Various designs will be available. For smaller apartments and studios, the soundbar offers a compact piece of furniture that can accompany you throughout your life. However, the soundbar has enough power even for a large living room.

The speakers are located in the high-end range. The excellent sound quality is based on the selection of high-quality components and their perfect interaction.

For us, sustainability has to do primarily with longevity. Wherever possible, we will use raw materials from sustainable cultivation. But if a product is supposed to last 30 years, it has more of a sustainable character for that reason alone than typical consumer electronics with a five-year lifespan.

We focus on the simplest operation, best sound and durability. Therefore, we do not use various Dolby or other surround technologies. However, the stereo sound of the soundbar is much better than the stereo sound of most TVs and soundbars. We also do not offer a multi-room concept based on Wi-Fi, since Wi-Fi and apps always lead to constant software updates, which we do not want to subject our customers to.

Plug and Play. Basically, you put the soundbar on the wall, plug it in and connect your smartphone to the soundbar via Bluetooth, and you can enjoy your music via the usual streaming services in high-end quality.

In principle, the soundbar can also provide sound without visible technology in fitness studios, agencies or offices. Also for hotels, the soundbar can be an interesting equipment option for hotel rooms or the lounge. Likewise, retail stores can display their merchandise on the soundbar and accompany customer purchases with top sound, or cafés can use the sideboard as a music source.

A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will start in January 2023. If this is successful, we will start production and then be able to deliver the first products from around October 2023. After the Kickstarter campaign, the soundbars will be available for order via our website.

The final price including VAT should be around 4000 CHF. In the Kickstarter campaign we give 25% discount.

The final price, however, will depend heavily on demand, as purchase prices are naturally better with larger quantities.

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