"For the love of sound"
That's our philosophy in four words
Wolfgang Zimmermann
CEO, The Beauty of Sound GmbH

Ever smaller Bluetooth speakers are pushing good sound out of our living rooms. Large visible technology is something for technology freaks - it often lacks the homely aspect.

Our answer is a piece of sound furniture with audiophile sound. It makes the technology disappear, keeps the cables tidy and is so beautiful and robust that it can accompany you for the rest of your life. A long service life means maximum sustainability for you.

We believe that many people are overwhelmed by the many features of modern soundbars. WLAN settings, constant updates or additional apps are more likely to take up time than significantly improve sound enjoyment or convenience. The technical equipment for surround sound is too much for many. In the form of a "reduced to the max" approach, we are breaking with the trend and focusing on simplicity with high-quality sound.

You will love it!

The system is a 3-way system with tweeters and midrange drivers that radiate coaxially to the front. This allows us to achieve a wide stage. The coaxial loudspeaker is tilted upwards so that the sound reaches your ears exactly. The basses radiate downwards. Naturally with a cover to protect against pets and vacuum cleaners. The sound is much better than small Bluetooth speakers, much better than TV sound and much better than normal 0-8-15 soundbars that you put under the TV. If you want to be close to the original, listen to our sound furniture and get the sound of your life in your living room! Without any visible technology.