WM-2022: USA

One of the best-known fan songs comes from the USA. But this is probably only known to a few....
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The American streaming market for music is worth US$ 12.5 billion, with R&B and hip hop accounting for 27%, followed by rock, pop, country and Latin. Elvis Presley sold the most records. If you look at the 70s fashion that Elvis wore, you wish you had a little more courage, not only at FIFA, but especially there. What's an armband like that when you look at the suit below?

Elvis also sang the song "You never walk alone", which is probably the most famous stadium song in the world. It was written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II (who contributed the lyrics) in 1945 for the Broadway musical Carousel. So it's not an English invention, but a song with American roots.

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