WM-2022: Netherlands

The Netherlands as a music country? Certainly more unknown than as a football country....

The Netherlands as a music country is characterized by diversity. Also linguistically, because actually everyone also speaks English very well. Furthermore, music is strongly promoted in the Netherlands. Among the internationally known groups are "Golden Earring", 2Unlimited, Vengaboys, the recently deceased Vader Abraham, Van Halen, DJ Tiesto and others.

In the charts, a certain Wesly Bronkhorst, apparently a pop singer, is currently at number 2 with his song "De Oranje Leeuwen". It's clearly about the national soccer team. Anyone who has ever seen the fans in the stadium knows that there is often a musical troupe with wind instruments. Listen to this tidbit of fan culture. Here is a link that does not come in my blog 😉

But you can also quickly find beautiful and complex pieces by ambitious musicians. Listen to Roosmarijn, who conjures up a melody partly reminiscent of Björk with plucked and played violin in her song "Ghost". The artist from Arnhem then shows how she does it in a session with the song "Heaven Heaven".

For more stadium enthusiasm then provides DJ Tiesto with Adagio for Strings

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