Raye & 070 Shake - Escapism

Is it worth waiting 7 years to enjoy complete artistic freedom? ....
RAYE Escapism Cover

After 10 seconds of the alarm intro, RAYE gets down to business. The song starts and you're in it immediately. The escape from reality begins and she tells us about alcohol, drugs and sex, about the doctor, who she tells that she doesn't feel anything anymore and wants to escape her problems. This is wrapped up in a wonderful soundscape that ideally supports RAYE's sometimes wild, sometimes calm and vulnerable voice. From 2:30 in the song, the tempo changes and there is a deep bass in the background, which should sound dry and not at all booming. This is the case with our soundbar.

Born in Tooting, London, Rachel Agatha Keen signed a recording contract with Polydor at the age of 17 for 4 albums. She felt artistically unfree and constrained there, which is why she terminated the contract at the beginning of 2022, which still did not allow her to release an album. Now, at the age of 25, she has freed herself from all shackles and "Escapism" is an excellent example of this. Freedom you can hear and feel.

There is also a live version, a fast and a slow version of the song. In the latter, the speed was turned up or down by a few percent. On the live version you can hear that RAYE can also cover a wide sound spectrum. Have a listen...

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