Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar

Summer, Sone, Beach music with almost two billion plays on Spotify. What's the secret of this song?
Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar

There are people for whom success comes naturally. Harry Syles is already an icon and was already successful at school as the singer in the band "White Eskimos". He was part of the equally successful boy band One Direction (1D), founded in 2010, and is still successful as a solo artist at the age of 28. His eye-catching look also makes him the first man to make it onto the cover of Vogue on his own. 

In 2019, he released his second album "Fine Line", which also includes Watermelon Sugar. The almost two billion plays cannot be due to the fact that he sings about the female vulva, as he once stated at a live concert, nor to the distinctive artistic line of his music, which is quite variable. The summer song with elegant beats and above all the 70s video with the pretty women is reminiscent of the freedom promised by a car commercial. A catchy tune that is hard to get rid of. So what makes the song and Harry Styles' success? Probably the fact that you just can't quite put your finger on it and that it always captures the zeitgeist without having to stand out musically. A hit formula without a clear recipe, but rather a lasting success that is elegantly and entertainingly unbelievable.

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