WM-2022: Switzerland

Alphorn, yodeling and what else is there? All sorts ....
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Alphorn, yodeling and songs that sound as if one farm boy is calling out to another across the valley. All of this exists in Switzerland and it may be that this is how some people perceive Switzerland. But Switzerland has well-known Swiss artists such as DJ Bobo, Stefanie Heizmann, Luca Hänni, Gölä, Bligg, Baschi, Sophie Hunger, Faber, Beatrice Egli and Andreas Vollenweider. But what kind of musicians do children learn about in elementary school lessons? There is Mani Matter, a Swiss bard who wrote simple folk songs and tragically died in a car accident in 1972 at the age of 36. His songs are still very well known today. Among other things, Mani Matter wrote a song entitled "Sidi Abdel Assar vo El Hama", which perhaps fits in quite well with this World Cup.

Sophie Hunger, Faber and Dino Brandao have recorded a record together in dialect, from which I present the song "E Nacht a de Langstrass". Langstrasse is perhaps the milieu street in Zurich.

Since yodeling is a must, Bligg's "Musigg i dä Schwiiz". Mani Matter also appears again. He was posthumously awarded prizes and a special coin was minted for him. The famous Swiss folk musician.

Stefanie Heinzmann has recorded a dance pop number "Build a House" together with "Alle Farben". She was discovered on a casting show by Stefan Raab with the beautiful name SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD. But you can assume that her voice would have been successful in any other way.

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