Olli Schulz - Then your heart will beat

The city dweller living in the apocalypse hangs around in some dive at night. That's what this beautiful little song is about ...
Olli Schulz - The Beige Album

The song can be found on the second album entitled "Das Beige Album" from 2005. Together with his partner Max Schröder, he created a harmonious compilation with lots of little gems. "Dann schlägt dein Herz" kicks off with guitar riffs and then tells the story of a lost night and how you talk yourself out of it later. 

In the following video you can see how likeable the young man from Hamburg comes across and that he has a very good way with words. 

Olli Schulz should be familiar to everyone by now thanks to his collaboration with Jan Böhmermann and his appearances on Cirkus HalliGalli. But because the song is so short, this short song should also be the focus here. Simply cool rock music.

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