Lankum - The Pride of Petravore

Sure you can enjoy the song nice and loud on our sound furniture. But the video to it should not be missing in any case....
Lankum - The Pride of Petravore

The Pride of Petravore or Eileen Oge (Young Eileen) is the name of a song written by Percy French (1854-1920). It is based on a classical hornpipe melody and was recommended to me when I heard Sinéad O'Connor's Foggy Dew.

So there are 8 musicians sitting on stage and start to lay down a sound carpet that sounds nice and weird and then a happy flute melody is laid over the whole thing. On the soundboard, the whole thing comes across great and especially the trombone at the end sounds quite excellent.

The song is about the most beautiful girl in town. No one dared to court her. Only the cattle dealer managed to win her over with accentuated disinterest and ended up being the groom of the most beautiful woman in town. She was the pride of Petravore until the cattle dealer stole her (which reminds me of another song by Faber).

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