Jason Grave - What could possibly go wrong

The song comes from the OST of the computer game "Until Dawn" and answers the question whether the soundboard is the right feed device for the sound of computer games...

In the KKL in Lucerne there was Game On, the City Light Orchestra under the direction of Anthony Gabriele and the Boys Choir Lucerne expanded by some female voices play us classics of game music and in addition on screen brilliant excerpts from the games. To be heard was everything the genre has to offer: Leage of Legends, Guild Wars 2, Ori and the blind Forest, Bioshock, Assasins Creed, World of Warcraft and some more - and just the excerpt of the horror game Until Dawn. 

Designed for the PS4, the 2015 game offers the typical "I know what you did last summer" plot. In excellent image quality and the soundtrack by Jason Grave fits the quiet and the breathtaking shock moments. Logically, things get off to a grim start. A light by the harp playing, which then starts the suspense. The strings play full next to the bridge, which makes the creaky sound and then.....boom. It continues with weird strings, crunchy trombones and cool percussion sounds. That's where everything a speaker needs to deliver to sound good is called out with high dynamics. The soundboard plays it effortlessly. 

There is no entry for the song on the relevant music services. So if you want to hear it in top quality, you need the game or the OST CD and that's why there is no entry in the playlist below. The version here on Youtube is a bit better:

I'm not a horror guy myself. Since the music is enough for me and I do without trailers or pictures here already for reasons of youth protection.

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