Why we prefer stereo

Dolby Atmos and other surround standards (5.1, 7.1, etc.) enable home theater experiences in particular. The most important speakers that are placed in addition to a stereo system are the center speaker and the LFE (Low Frequency Effect). We believe that it is difficult enough to set up a really good stereo system and it is practically impossible to set up a high end surround sound system at home. Why is that?

  • Normally, you stand in front of the stage when enjoying music. Sounds coming from the side, above or behind are then reflections. These are undesirable in terms of sound. Stereo offers exactly this spatial experience.
  • The center speaker is unnecessary for music enjoyment and was invented for the cinema because from a position at the edge of the screen you are more likely to hear the right or left channel. The center speaker ensures that the sound comes from the middle of the action from behind the screen, which is normally permeable to sound, and so you sit on the edge rather in the middle of the action. Therefore, you don't need the center speaker in a relatively small living room.
  • We cannot localize sounds below 80 Hz. A subwoofer below 80 Hz in a 2.1 setup can actually breathe more life into the relatively small R/L channels in the bass range. Ideally, it should still be placed between the two speakers. With an LFE of a 5.1. system it is not sure that it really closes at 80Hz, which is why it can lead to unwanted sound effects in the stereo sound. It is only intended for special bass effects in the cinema anyway.
  • Surround systems cannot be set up correctly. The ITU-R BS set-up standard was developed for home reproduction in 5.1. This stipulates that five identical speakers must be used for front, center and surround, all speakers must have the same distance from the listener and must be positioned at the correct angle. Suitable living rooms are rarely found for this.
  • The correct setting of the surround system (e.g. that all speakers are equally loud) is demanding and when listening to music, the inconsistent calculation of the individual channels is disturbing. This makes music playback random. Even if you only listen with the left and right channels of the surround system, the unused speakers are resonatig and thow disturbing.


Conclusion: If you cannot do without the sound from behind when gaming or watching movies, you will have to compromise on music playback. Our soundbar is designed as an "All in One" with a focus on excellent stereo sound, which is why we do without Dolby Atmos and 5.1 etc. A great home theater experience is still possible in any case.

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