Fresh SOUND, COLOR and GLOSS in the new POP UP Store

Under the name TOBIGO - for Sound Picture Gold - 3 women from the Ravensburg region start a firework of the senses. From October to December, sound, painting and goldsmithing shows a completely new side.

Together with Argen Audio, you can listen to and marvel at The Beauty of Sound Soundbar in downtown Ravensburg from October to December.Crystal clear sound and innovative design are the focus.

Argen Audio specializes in classic speakers with an exciting new look - Argenaudio Loudspeakers

Anne Claire Schroeder-Rose, the artist shows small and large humorous painted stories - art Rose.

Silke Blank, the master goldsmith forges high quality gold jewelry with symbolic power - Blank Jewelry

October 4 - December 31, 2023 - Adlerstrasse 3 - Ravensburg - Germany

TOBIGO - Pop Up Store in Ravensburg exhibits The Beauty of Sound Soundbar
The Beauty of Sound Soundbar - test listening in Ravensburg

Save the date: October 4 - December 2023 Adlerstraße 3 Ravensburg!

Individually made works of art for the end of the year, sustainable and special. Here are gift ideas for discerning - luxury for people who long for something extraordinary. A unique total package. A very special event program is offered every 14 days on Thursdays from 6:30 p.m.
Who already wants to sniff can find the three on the well-known social media channels Instagram and LinkedIn or directly on their homepage.

The store, located at 3 Eagle St., will be open Monday through Saturday from Oct. 4 through Dec. 31. - Argenaudio Loudspeaker - Art Rose - Blank Jewellery

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